10-Pad Semi-Industrial Wine Filter

10-Pad Semi-Industrial Wine Filter

The Buon Vino 10-Pad Semi-Industrial Wine Filter is a compact unit ideally suited to the larger wine producer, and for on-premises wine making shops. It's 10-pad design ensures a clear, sparkling wine, at a rate of over 350 litres an hour. A stainless steel bottom pan with drainage spout help to ease clean-up.

Technical Specifications:

  • self-prime pump
  • heavy duty casters for easy maneuverability
  • glycerine filled gauge to indicate pressure rating on pads
  • filtering time: 1 hour per 350 litres (approximate)
  • 25 feet of FDA vinyl tubing (size according to unit)
  • average 15 to 20 batches (23 litres) per set of 10 pads
  • made with food grade anti-toxic materials
  • height: 24 Inches, width: 14 Inches, length:15 Inches
  • all stainless steel filter housing and drip tray

Remember to Pre-Filter!

The Pre-Screen Filter can be attached to the intake hose of the Super Jet or Semi-Industrial Wine Filter to screen out large particles of sediment such as oak chips and/or seeds before they reach the pump. This should prolong the life of the Check Valve and allow you to maintain a much cleaner pump.


The key to effective wine filtering is the Filter Pads. All pads MUST be of the same grade (do NOT mix course, polish and fine pads together) and inserted properly.
Learn more about using the correct Filter Pads here…


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