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Winemaking Equipment Available Through Buon Vino Distributors

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Buon Vino distributes a variety of free-standing and hand corkers.

Spray Wand

Spray Wand

The Spray Wand is designed to attach easily to your laundry faucet using the brass connector, and allow you to clean your carboys quickly and easily. With the rod stretching 20" and with 4' of FDA tubing, you are able to reach the bottom of most carboys allowing you to get at those hard to reach areas. The specially designed nozzle directs water at high pressure in all directions at once, making the job quick and hassle free.

Manufactured by Buon Vino


FIZZ-X (Wine Agitating Rod)

De-gassing wine has never been this easy!

One of the most important parts of wine making is removing the gas after fermentation. De-gassing insures faster and more effective clearing and aging.

With thousands already sold, the FIZZ-X wine agitating rod eliminates the hassle of shaking and stirring. It also makes filtration an easier task.

Go ahead, give it a spin!



For the Super Jet and Semi-Industrial Wine Filters, his pre-filter will preserve and lengthen the life of the check valve, by ensuring that no large particles like oak chips, grape skins tartaric crystals etc. are allowed into the pump, prematurely damaging the check valve.