Accessory Equipment

Accessory Equipment and Products Available Through Buon Vino Distributors

We manufacture and distribute a wide variety of Accessories, Equipment and Chemicals to assist both the home winemaker and winemaking shops with everything they need throughout the process.



Available in 3 convenient sizes, Buon Vino bungs have a longer taper to help produce a better fit and a snug seal, and a lip which prevents them from falling into your carboy. They fit both Bubble and Cylinder Air Locks. Available as Solid or with Fermentation Lock Hole.

  • Fits 'S' type (Bubbler) and cylinder air locks
  • Small fits 12L, 18.9L, 23L Carboy
  • Medium fits Plastic Carboys 20L, 25L, 34L Demi
  • Large fits 54L Demijohns
  •  Proudly manufactured in Canada by Buon Vino

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Cylinder Air Locks

Cylinder Air Locks

Our high quality Cylinder Air Locks are perfect for use with a wide variety of bungs.

 Proudly manufactured in Canada by Buon Vino

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We offer a wide variety of exceptionally high quality natural, agglomerated and synthetic corks.

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Au Pour Description

Fermtech's a'Pour System

Fermtech has released a new wine dispensing system named a’Pour. Its reusable container is designed to preserve 8 bottles of your wine while eliminating bottling corking and labelling. Wine will stay fresh for up to 6 months in the oxygen barrier bag. Each a’Pour system includes a dispenser, a pre-sanitized oxygen barrier bag and a novel Pressure Filler ™ to further simplify filling. To view product videos and learn more, visit their website

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